Old Grove Cider & Wines

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All Old Grove ciders are made from 100% fruit juice pressed with hand picked fruit from our own orchards. To purchase our ciders, feel free to check out our stockists page and online store.

Single Varietal Ciders

Each variety is specifically chosen due to their unique character and full flavour. The fruit is picked at their peak ripeness stage to ensure varietal individuality.


The aptly named Temptation apple is known for its seductive flavour only known to the adventurous few. Dare you succumb to the temptation? Brilliantly balanced sharp and sweetness, archetypal of the fruit used.


Shakespeare’s Falstaff, of whom the apple is named, is a portly knight known for his tomfoolery. Don’t be fooled by Falstaff’s trickery, the initial sweet flavour develops into a dry finish.


The Cox apple is known for its aromatic taste. Hand picked at the peak of its flavour, we have produced a soft, sweet, slightly sparkling cider. This cider is made from 100% apples grown on our Herefordshire estate.


Unique in appearance and flavour, the Russet apple has produced a cider that dares to be different. Unique honey, nutty flavour with floral tones. This lightly sparkling cider is made with 100% apples grown on our own estate.


Finest dessert pears have been carefully blended to create this uniquely fragrant cider. Hand-picked, they are slowly fermented to preserve the light floral flavours. This lightly sparkling cider is made from 100% Herefordshire pear juice.


Crisp, refreshing taste with an apple pie aroma. Crafted from freshly pressed juice, not from concentrate. This lightly sparkling cider is made from 100% apples grown on our Herefordshire Estate.

Red Devil

This lightly sparkling Red Devil rosé cider is produced using the darkest crimson Red Devil apples. These special apples give a natural delicate pink hue and well balanced crisp apple taste. (Note: Rosé colour is seasonal dependent and not always reproducible)


A dash of Herefordshire blackcurrant juice is added to our Cox single varietal cider just before bottling giving a burst of fruit.

Limited Edition & Blended Ciders

Our Limited range encapsulates a selection of new single varieties created in smaller batches. Old Grove Medley, the only mixed varietal cider we produce is crafted from a select blend of our own apples.


Here at Old Grove we are always looking to find a new brilliant single variety cider. Thus smaller “limited” batches are created to see how you enjoy them. Whether you love, hate or just have a little nitpick with one of our batches we’d love to hear your comments


This well balanced mixed variety cider is made from a selection of our hand picked apples grown on our Herefordshire estate. Made from 100% apple juice, this cider contains no artificial sweeteners, colours or added flavours.